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Lawmakers introduce bills in response to COVID-19

State and federal lawmakers hoping to stay ahead of COVID-19 are introducing legislation to address infectious disease measures, emergency funding and unemployment and sick leave pay. On Monday, Rep. Robert Scott, D-Va., introduced H.B. 6139 in the U.S. House of Representatives, which calls on the Secretary of Labor to issue an emergency temporary standard requiring certain employers to develop and…

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Employers face ‘gray area’ with comp, coronavirus: Expert

Workers compensation legal experts say employers can look at past outbreaks and pandemics to try to understand the intersection of workplace injury and coronavirus, but that even history may not provide an accurate picture of what to expect if a pandemic occurs. “We don’t have precedence on this issue because we don’t have a lot of exposures to pandemics,” said…

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Comp costs continue to rise with age: WCRI

The increasing number of people remaining in the workforce past traditional retirement age presents challenging questions for the workers compensation industry, according to research presented Thursday at the Workers Compensation Research Institute’s 36th Annual Issues & Research Conference. The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics projects that by 2028, 20% of workers in the labor force will be age 55 or…

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AFL-CIO calls on OSHA to create temp standard for pandemics

The AFL-CIO is calling on the U.S. Occupational Safety and Health Administration to create an emergency temporary standard to protect workers from the potential coronavirus pandemic and future infectious agents. The Washington-based AFL-CIO, which represents union workers nationwide, issued a statement Friday warning of the potential for a deadly pandemic. It said current estimates show that more than 19 million…

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Early care can help mitigate mental issues tied to workplace injuries

Workplace injuries often can lead to mental health issues, including opioid use and even suicide, experts said during a panel discussion Friday at the Workers Compensation Research Institute’s 36th Annual Issues & Research Conference. To help workers better cope after an injury, they recommend mental health interventions and “warm handoffs” to employee assistance programs. “People who were injured at work…

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Customer alleges Club Fitness trainer caused injuries from overexertion

A woman is suing Club Fitness and one of its trainers after she was allegedly hospitalized for a week due to overexertion. Nhydia Walker filed the complaint Jan. 24 in St. Clair County Circuit Court against Club Fitness Inc., CF of Fairview Heights LLC, Dynamic Fitness Management, and Dominick Young, alleging negligence. According to the complaint, Walker claims she went…

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Indiana House passes bill modifying comp timelines

The Indiana House of Representatives unanimously passed legislation Tuesday to modify several workers compensation timelines. S.B. 269, which also unanimously passed the Senate in late January, would require workers compensation insurer or the employer of the injured worker to file report of payment of compensation for claims with the state’s workers compensation board within 14 days. Current law allows for…

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Comp pays more than group health for comparable injuries: NCCI

Workers compensation pays more than group health to treat comparable injuries, according to a new study comparing costs for treating various injuries in 27 states. The Boca Raton, Florida-based National Council on Workers Compensation analyzed data on 12 different common workers compensation medical conditions going back 10 years and compared the prices and quantity of care with the same injuries…

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Does IL workers’ comp law trump biometrics class actions over fingerprint scans? Appeals court poised to answer

As a growing number of plaintiffs’ lawyers use an Illinois biometrics privacy law to target Illinois employers with potentially crippling class actions, a state appellate court will soon weigh in on whether the state’s workers’ compensation law can be used to punch out the widening field of lawsuits. A decision on the question could have potentially huge ramifications for the…

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