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Train conductor not negligent in slip and fall

A train conductor’s negligence claims against his employer were unanimously dismissed Wednesday by the 7th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals in Chicago. In LeDure v. Union Pacific Railroad Co., the circuit affirmed a district court’s holding that the conductor’s slip and fall was not reasonably foreseeable. Bradley LeDure was a conductor for Union Pacific Railroad Co. On Aug. 10, 2016,…

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Businesses ask patrons, workers to waive right to sue if they get ill

As businesses reopen across the U.S. after coronavirus shutdowns, many are requiring customers and workers to sign forms saying they won’t sue if they catch COVID-19. Businesses fear they could be the target of litigation even if they adhere to safety precautions from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention and state health officials. But workers’ rights groups say the…

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Appellate panel affirms dismissal of quadriplegic’s complaint against insurer

A man rendered a quadriplegic after a serious car wreck was unable to convince the Indiana Court of Appeals on Wednesday that his amended complaint was wrongly dismissed. The decision leaves in limbo collection of a $21 million jury award in favor of the injured man. Several lawsuits have stemmed from a single-vehicle accident involving former co-workers Gregory Smith and…

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Illinois governor signs COVID bill for essential workers

Legislation signed into law in Illinois on Friday will provide worker compensation benefits for front-line and essential workers who contract COVID-19 on the job under certain conditions. Gov. J.B. Pritzker signed H.B. 2455, which will provide death benefits for first responders who were presumably infected with COVID-19 on duty and also revises state code to expand unemployment benefits and enhance…

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One-third of workers say they would sue for catching COVID at work

More than one-third of workers said they would sue their employer if they believed they contracted coronavirus from a co-worker, according to a survey released Monday. The survey, conducted by communications firm Engagious, research consulting firm Sports & Leisure Research Group and public affairs firm ROKK Solutions LLC, found that more than a quarter of workers said they would sue…

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Comp may drive property/casualty losses from coronavirus: Report

Losses in the property/casualty insurance industry could top $100 billion from the COVID-19 pandemic, with workers compensation driving the losses more than other lines, according to a risk analysis of the insurance industry that Wells Fargo & Co. released Thursday. Workers compensation may be reaching an inflection, as the line is continuing to generate less rate than other property/casualty lines….

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