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COA affirms judgment for insurance company in work zone complaint

Summary judgment was properly awarded to an insurance company that denied a request to defend a construction company in a negligence suit, the Indiana Court of Appeals found Tuesday. The judges ruled the terms of the policy only obligated the insurance company after a certain amount of damages had been paid. When Walsh Construction Co. began construction a traffic exchange…

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New Hires Shouldn’t Mean New Injuries

You hire new employees with the intent to maintain or increase your production and profitability, and not to increase your workplace injuries. Unfortunately, safety in the workplace is often overlooked on the new hire checklist. In fact, 40 percent of injured employees have been on the job less than one year (Occupational Safety and Health Administration). You can reduce your…

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Injury Rates Still Dropping Even as Older Workers Take Larger Share of Workforce

The number of workplace injury claims continues to decline year after year despite significant changes in workforce demographics that one might think should increase claims frequency, according to a report released Monday by the National Council of Compensation Insurance. The number of workers aged 55 and over has nearly doubled since 2006, At the same time, that age group began…

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Motorists File Suits over Damage from Potholes on I-69 in Indiana

Dozens of drivers have filed tort claims seeking money from the state of Indiana after their cars were damaged while driving on a 15-mile (24 kilometers), pothole-afflicted section of Interstate 69. The problematic stretch of highway extends between mile markers 219 in Pendleton and 234 in Daleville, The Star Press reported. Forty claimants are pursuing damages for repairs to brake…

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Workers’ comp bill on Pritzker’s desk will expose more companies to asbestos lawsuits, attorney says

Some companies may be exposed to more asbestos lawsuits under proposed legislation now on Illinois Gov. J.B Pritzker’s desk. The legislation, Senate Bill 1596, which has passed both chambers of the Illinois General Assembly, attempts to overturn a 2015 Illinois Supreme Court ruling in Folta v. Ferro Engineering, which essentially barred the plaintiff from suing in civil court and upheld…

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